I Love Autumn

 So here it is, my first outfit post, which I was very exciting to upload! I must say it took me a while as I did get quite shy having photos taken of me in public (I did pick somewhere quiet though hehe!) I wanted to pick somewhere where you would be able to see that it’s getting to Autumn, rather than my driveway ;), so I thought the reservoir near where I live would be perfect!



SAM_0521 SAM_0523 SAM_0525 SAM_0529 SAM_0530 SAM_0533 SAM_0534 SAM_0548 SAM_0552 SAM_0562

Yes that is my sister’s outfit (the photographer- I think she felt left out :P)SAM_0567  SAM_0572 SAM_0578

I wanted to put together an outfit that was away from all the bright colours of Summer and represented good old Autumn.. So I thought the burgundy jeggings were perfect. I have such a bad habit of only wearing black leggings/tights/skirts/trousers, so thought I would try to incorporate more colour on “the bottom half” with these beautiful jeggings.

I have also fallen back in love with layering button up shirts with jumpers for the Autumn, and it is such a good way to keep warm in the coming chilly days without wearing a bulky coat! I also love the black jumper and its “fuzzy” texture (although some have said to me it resembles a frightened gorilla :O)! The button up shirt also adds length to the short black jumper, which is always good for coverage 🙂

I know jelly shoes are quite like marmite, but I LOVE them so much, they are so comfy and add a slight bit of height (I am only 5 foot tall guys). Also, they are not just for the summer.. buy a black pair and wear with cute ankle socks to keep feet warm (WIN :D). My bag is quite old, and is the classic “satchel” style that I absolutely LOVE, and don’t think will ever go out of style (I bought this bag for University.. almost 4 years ago!) Also, my hijab which I think is perfect for this outfit (I love the zebra print) and just pulls it together! Lastly, I am wearing the Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick in 107, which is a beautiful deep red/maroony colour (although it appears more pink in the pictures)- perfect for the transition to Autumn – as I am not brave enough yet to wear the very dark colours!

Fuzzy black jumper – New Look

Denim button up shirt – H & M

Burgundy Jeggings – River Island

Jelly Shoes – Topshop

Black Satchel – Next (Very old – but I am sure you can find similar styles!)

Hijab – Primark

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post! I am still getting used to the right camera angles/lighting etc, so do bear with me! I had so much fun putting the outfit together, and will be doing many more of these 😀 I hope you liked it!

Enjoy your Saturday night beauties.. I am all set to watch X Factor :D.

Saira xxx


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