Love: FUR XO

Good Evening Lovelies….. 🙂

Hope everybody has had a brilliant start to the week (Lets not have Monday blues guys!). Whether you’ve been at school, work or at home, I hope you have made the most of your day :D. I have noticed the mornings are darker and chillier.. So it’s time to bring out the furry jackets and woolly jumpers (Yay!) Autumn is definitely my favourite season (if you didn’t already know).. I just love everything about it, the leaves changing, the cosier evenings, the fashion, hot drinks, Bonfire Night, Halloween…. the list is endless :).

Anyway.. onto the outfit…. I planned on just the top and cardigan first, but then I searched through my autumn/winter clothes storage (which I will be taking out very soon!) and came across THIS fur scarf. I FELL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN. It made such a HUGE difference to the whole outfit, and just tied it all together so well. SAM_0602 SAM_0606 SAM_0609

A little creature also intruded on my photos (my cat Cookie.. we sort of match right? No?.. Ok.. it’s just my crazy cat side coming out). SAM_0612 SAM_0614

Cookie refused to leave me alone after being in the limelight for a while 😀SAM_0616 SAM_0624 SAM_0627 SAM_0634 SAM_0638 SAM_0648

Soo.. Let’s talk a little bit more about the outfit. I absolutely adore long flowy cardigans like the one I’m wearing.. so perfect for keeping any outfit nicely covered from the back and arms, and they are readily available in every high street shop you go into! Also, it’s not often that I wear white, because I am so conscious of getting it dirty (me and my clumsy ways), but I think there is something so classic and elegant about wearing it in an outfit (black and white is my most favourite combination to wear!). I paired it with some jeggings and ankle boots, and a lovely hijab with the most beautiful flower print (which is not too in your face). I definitely prefer wearing darker coloured hijabs too, rather than light/bright colours… I guess that’s just to go with the darker colours associated with the Autumn months :). To add some colour to the look, I wore a red lipstick (Its another Kate Moss by Rimmel one.. the lipsticks from that collection are amazing.. SO pigmented and last for hours, and not drying at all).  SAM_0662

A few of my Autumn favourites.. The Rimmel lipstick, Carmex (a MUST for when it gets cold), and Loverdose by Diesel perfume (this smells amazing :D).

Outfit Details

Grey Cardigan – Miss Selfridge

White Top – New Look

Black Jeggings – Zara

Boots – Topshop

Fur Scarf – New Look

Bag – Next

Hijab – Market

I really hope you enjoyed this post :).. Any comments/feedback will be amazing.. I am still very new to this blogging lifestyle so am looking for inspiration all the time! Anyway, I think I will call it a night.. as I have work in the morning.. I am only in for tomorrow and then have 3 days off for Eid (Woo :D).

Goodnight loves.. Saira x



  1. September 27, 2015 / 4:39 pm

    love the fur! i have a fur vest myself, cant wait to break it out again once it gets colder!

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