Your jumper is from where?…

Afternooooooon guys 🙂

Hope you are all having a fabulous Wednesday .. I had the day off work today .. So have spent my day in town (shopping) and cleaning up for Eid tomorrow! I bought some AMAZING things from the wonderful Primark.. which I will show in a later blog post :). Anyway.. hope you have all been well.. lets move on to the outfit….


So..the main focus of this outfit is definitely the mustard coloured jumper right? And I actually purchased it last winter from a ….. CHARITY SHOP (GASP). I don’t know what everybody else’s opinions are of shopping in charity shops, but I personally love it.. and don’t even get me started on car boot sales (love them :O). I think you can pick up some really good pieces if you look hard enough, and can almost guarantee that nobody else will have the same thing. Just get the clothes dry cleaned as soon as you’ve bought them and they are good as new! And the added bonus, the jumper only cost me £2.50 :D.

I paired with a flowery skirt, tights and black shoes (I told you I’m obsessed with black clothes). My hijab is also a beautiful print (although I am not sure what you would describe the pattern as), and I wore red lipstick again. My go to makeup look at the moment has definitely been winged eyeliner and red lips.. I have never been much of an eye-shadow girl, as for me it takes up too much time when getting ready.

SAM_0669 SAM_0670

Also, my dad actually took these photos, as my sister had her friend over and didn’t have time to take pictures for me :(.. But I think he did a good job (Although he did get distracted after a while and started taking photos of flowers :P) SAM_0679

I added an over-sized blazer, as it was quite chilly today, and I have also come down with a horrible cold, so I don’t think that helped either 🙁SAM_0680 SAM_0686

Outfit Details:

Mustard Jumper – Charity shop

Flowery Skirt – Primark

Oversized Blazer – New Look

Shoes – New Look

Hijab – My Mums 🙂

I hope you all liked this outfit. You should definitely give charity shops a go.. and not just for clothes either. I have picked up so many cute little items for my bedroom, books for 50p each, yankee candles, yarn, bags…. It really is worth popping in and seeing what you can find! Especially round winter time, as they have so many jumpers, all between £2-6 :).

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog.. I am going to drink some Lemsip and pray I feel better for Eid tomorrow! I hope you all have a wonderful Eid (those who are celebrating), make the most of your time with your family and friends, eat lots of food, and be thankful for everything we have been given, Alhumdullillah.

I think my next blog post will be beauty/skin care related.. As I really want to show you my skin care routine, and tips I have for keeping skin clear and glowing! So check back for that.

Lots of love, Saira xxx


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