Skin Care Routine… Oh and Eid Mubarak!

Hi lovelies 🙂

Firstly.. Eid Mubarak for all those who celebrated today! Hope you had a wonderful day spent with your families, eating lots of yummy food, and having a good catch up with everyone!

I am currently sat on my bed in my pyjama bottoms, an over-sized jumper, and the fuzziest socks ever.. I am worn out from today!.. Eid always does this to me :(. I’ll just give you a quick run down of what I got up to.. then we’ll move on to my skincare routine!

We all woke up early to go to Mosque to read Eid Prayer .. it was my first time going and it was amazing… really makes it feel like Eid when you see everyone around you wishing Eid Mubarak after finishing the prayer :). Me and my family then went out for breakfast, before coming home and getting ready for the day (I unfortunately don’t have a picture of my outfit as I didn’t wear my hijab and all pictures have my hair showing .. hijabi girl problems!). We then ate more food, and had all my extended family come over.. which was lovely :). We then went out for dessert (yes more food!) and drove to a beautiful park which is next to an airport and watched planes take off/land.. which I personally find so fun! It was dark at this point so was also very creepy, but a good laugh :D.

So.. that is how my Eid was spent .. hope you all had a wonderful day :).. now lets get onto my skincare routine….


Here are all the products I use, both for make up removal and what I wash my face with. I have combination skin.. so my cheeks/chin are normal, and my t-zone is oily, and these are the products that work for me.


Firstly, here is a mud mask that I use on a weekly basis. My dad actually got this for me when he went to New Zealand, and it is by far the BEST mud mask I have ever used :). Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s available to buy in the UK, but I’m sure you can find an alternative in Boots/Superdrug. I prefer mud masks to any other type of mask, as it clears your skin so much and you can really feel it working when it’s on your face. SAM_0716

To wash my face each morning and evening, I use “Movis” soap by Lush (It was very hard to get a decent picture of this without it looking like a block of mud.. so please don’t judge it on its appearance :P). OMG… guys this is the BEST soap I have ever used, if you have combination skin I definitely recommend it! It does such an amazing job of cleansing your face but doesn’t dry it out at all. It doesn’t break me out, which is amazing 🙂 .. my sister also uses it, and she has oily skin, and it has worked wonders for her to clear up her skin! It also smells just like biscuits, which is a plus.. and has gentle exfoliation :). It is also made of all natural products, so is amazing for those who have sensitive skin.


I then tone my skin with this toner from Garnier.. it works brilliantly in getting rid of any shine I have, and closing up my pores. I think using toner is an important step that a lot people miss.. it makes your skin feel so clean and refreshed, and preps your skin for moisturizer, so don’t miss this step ladies!SAM_0705

My moisturizer that I use is one from the Boots Botanics range that is for oily skin. It does an excellent job in stopping any shine from showing during the day, and keeps my skin feeling lovely and soft! I love the products from the Boots Botanics range.. they are so affordable, and have lots of natural ingredients which are good for the skin. They also have full sets of products for every skin type, so it’s worth checking out!

SAM_0712 Also, on a morning once I’ve done my makeup, and in the evening when I have completed my skincare routine, I spritz the Boots Botanics rosewater spray on my face. This product is AMAZING.. it makes your skin feel so refreshed, and makes your makeup look perfect and glowing. I think it compares to the Mac fix +, which I have also used, but this spray is a fraction of the price! Give it a go guys, you won’t regret it :).


To remove my makeup, I use the Garnier Miceller Cleansing Water.. this is by far the BEST makeup remover I have used, it is like literally cleansing your face with water, and gets rid of makeup so easily and gently, and makes your skin feel amazing and so clean afterwards (on lazy days, I just remove my makeup with this and moisturize, and I’m good to go! :P). I previously used cream cleansers, but I find these left my skin feeling greasy, and I would always have to wash my face after to get it feeling clean.

Also, for any spots that I do get (boo), I use Germolene on them.. which is an antiseptic cream used normally for stings/cuts/grazes, but I find it works amazingly on getting rid of spots ASAP.

So that is my skincare routine guys! I also drink plenty of water and green tea, which flushes out your system and gets rid of toxins which can cause your skin to look dull and break out. I hope you try some of these products.. they are all affordable and readily available at shops on the high street :). My favourite product from the lot HAS to be the “Movis” soap from Lush.. seriously when you are next in a Lush store just have a look out for it and smell it .. like I said before it smells AMAZING and you will want to eat it :D. Link for the Lush site if you want to check it out:

I hope you enjoyed this post and it was some what informative. I am now going to bed as I have to be up early tomorrow to go to Coventry and Leicester, my husband has a hospital appointment there, and we are continuing our Eid celebrations by making a day of it with a nice meal out at one of the BEST steak places ever 😛 (can’t wait :D).

Night Loves…. Saira xx


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