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Hi there angels 🙂

I hope you have all had a lovely Saturday! Can you believe that we are in October?! I absolutely love the month of October, as I feel this is when Autumn really starts :). I also hope your week has been amazing, whatever you have been up to! This morning, I gave my car in for MOT, and then me, my husband, brother, sister and baby niece drove to Whiterose Shopping Centre for an afternoon out!

Soo.. I have been looking forward to this weekend for quite a while, as this was when the Lush Christmas and Halloween goodies arrived in store! I know there were so many of you who were just as excited.. and I could not wait to put up a post showing you guys my picks!


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Now I have to admit, I was quite sensible and did not buy everything in the shop at once(even though my heart wanted this), as I want to actually use the products quickly, and once they are used, go out and buy more (hehehe). So, I picked the select few that I had been wanting to get my hands on for the longest time! I also have a few that I will pick up on later trips, such as Golden Wonder bath bomb and Fairy Dust (which I regret not picking up – I sprinkled it on my arm in store today and I can STILL smell it!).

So.. lets see what was in my Lush basket …


I told you I was sensible! They have some absolutely amazing things this year, and things on my next wishlist include Bar Humbug bubble bar, Salt and Peppermint Bark scrub, Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb and the Fairy Dust powder! By the way, the “Dirty” hair cream was for my husband :).

Lets talk some more about these amazing products :D..


I cannot even tell you guys how excited I was when Lush revealed they would be releasing a “Yog Nog” bath bomb – Last year I completely fell in love with the soap, and regretted not picking any more up when I had the chance. But then THIS BABY CAME INTO STORE! It smells exactly like the soap, if not a little “spicer”, but it still has that amazing sweet caramel undertone :D. I am probably the most excited to try this bath bomb (Ok, I am excited about everything new, but this probably a little more than the others, hehe).


I am so glad that Lush have made “Lord of Misrule” available everywhere now, as this is probably one of my most favourite scents ever. I have to say .. I left out buying the shower cream, as I didn’t think the scent was as strong as I had expected it to be.. Oh well, the bath bomb is amazing, and I definitely recommend this! It turns your water the most gorgeous deep red/maroony colour after, and is so much fun to watch, as it is a slow fizzer and goes from green to pinky/purple! Love it so much :).


Now, I don’t think The Experimenter is a Christmas goodie, but I could not resist picking it up.. after recommendations and having a demo of it in store, I needed it in my basket! It is one of the most colourful bath bombs ever, and I know I will have so much fun watching this one!


Oh yes… I finally got my hands on Snow Fairy! This smells absolutely divine, and I want to purchase Candy Mountain bubble bar and Fairy Dust powder, so I can match the scents and smell like marshmallows and candy all day :).

So.. they were my purchases from Lush… I love going there so much – the staff are so friendly and it is always an exciting experience when you discover something new, as there is so much stuff to choose from! Make sure you check out Lush, and have a good look at all their Christmas goodies, they really are amazing!

After my Lush trip, I was feeling very festive and “autumnal” – if that is even a word, so wanted to see if I could pick up a candle that would become my signature scent for this season. Oh my goodness, I found the perfect one!


This is “Hot Apple Pie” by Mia Bella Candles … guys I cannot even tell you how AMAZING this smells, it literally smells exactly like the name, and just reminded me so much of Autumn! The sales assistants are literally the nicest ladies ever – I picked mine up from their stall at the Whiterose Shopping Centre in Leeds – make sure you check them out if you are ever there! It cost £12.99, which I think is reasonable – I had it burning about an hour ago, and I can still smell it on the way upstairs and in my room! They are also paraffin free and don’t release soot, so are really clean to burn. I cannot recommend them enough, check them out on  🙂

So, we then had lunch at “Handmade Burger” – it was my first time there and the food was absolutely delicious! I had the Peri Peri Chicken Pitta and seasoned fries (yummy!) – also guys the Handmade Burger in Whiterose provides Halal chicken if you request it :).


And that is what I got up to this afternoon! I have been so excited all week for this blog post to go up.. so I really hope you enjoy reading it! I have also taken some more outfit pictures which will be up in a later post – as well as choosing some things/products for a September Favourites post, which everybody has been doing, and inspired me too :). I will also have the DIY beauty post up soon, which I am very excited to share with you!

So, I am now going to enjoy my mums cooking (she has made brown rice and chicken curry – yum!), and then watch TV, and catch up on some amazing blogs! Love my wild Saturday nights ;).

I hope you have an amazing evening my loves.. and thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog/follow me on twitter/like my post on Instagram – I really cannot tell you what it means to me to read your sweet comments – you guys are the best!

Lots of love,

Saira XO

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