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When it comes to drugstore/high street makeup & beauty products, I am such a huge fan. I love that it is so affordable, works SO well (hmff.. most of the time), and that it is easily accessible. I have come up with a new series of posts that I want to feature on my blog – almost a ‘Brand Focus’ type of post – not sure what I want to call this yet but I’ll think of something catchy I’m sure. I’ll be talking about all my fave products from the brand & the things I’d recommend you trying. It can be so overwhelming going into Superdrug & Boots – so having a little idea of the popular products always helps.

So – I thought to kick off this little venture on my blog, I’d start off with one of my fave highstreet brands – and that’s Rimmel. I have found this brand to have an amazing range of products overall that work REALLY well, and there are some right little gems that I am so glad I discovered, and I’m sure you will all love too.

Base Products

Lasting Finish 25hr Breathable Foundation

It’d make sense to start with base products right? Rimmel definitely does an amazing range of them – and I have found some amazing foundations and concealers that I absolutely LOVE. I have a current obsession which is the Lasting Finish Breathable foundation (£8.99) .. I picked this up a few months ago (beauty haul here) when Rimmel had one of their 3 for 2 deals on, and it has definitely become one of my faves. One thing I love about it that I haven’t come across in other foundations is the applicator. It is a doafer applicator (is that the right word?!!), similar to concealers and I find it SO easy and quick to apply foundation to my face with it. It does have a slightly runny consistency, but is so easy to blend. It is a medium coverage foundation, but is buildable without being cakey. I love this foundation because it really lives up to its name of being ‘breathable’, yet giving you really nice coverage. It lasts me a full day at work before I notice it starting to slide off a little bit, but to be honest the majority of foundations do this anyway. Also – I ignore the 25hr wear because lets be honest guys, no foundation can stay on your face for that long.

Should I buy? Yes if you love light feeling, medium coverage foundations. If you like the ‘no makeup’ feel /look to your skin. I can imagine this would be fab for people with dry/combination skin, who like a semi matte finish.

Should I avoid? Yes if you have oily skin and you prefer a more heavy, matte foundation that will keep your oil at bay. If you prefer ‘pumps’ to doafer applicators.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer & Foundation

Ahh remember a few years back when every single YouTuber & blogger raved about this foundation? That’s what made me buy it – and y’know what it was hyped about for obvious reasons. I always found this foundation in my stash when it came round to the summer months, and people favour that dewy look compared to a more matte one. The foundation & concealer worked hand in hand to give you a lovely, medium coverage, dewy glow. I actually slightly preferred the concealer too as it really helped brighten up under my eyes. The lasting power of this was pretty fab too – even though I find some dewy foundations don’t last as long as matte ones – this one delivered pretty well.

Should I buy? Yes if you’re after an easy to blend, medium coverage foundation that gives your skin a healthy glow. I find this my perfect summer foundation, thanks to its light feel and the natural glow it gives my skin. Use this with a good primer & setting spray and you’re set for those long summer days.

Should I avoid ? Yes if you don’t like a slight shimmer to your foundation – this has a TEENY bit but I know some people really don’t like this. If your skin is excessively oily, this won’t be the one for you as it will give a dewy look – not the best if you’re already slightly shiny.

Insta Fix Priming/Finishing Spray

I have had this for a few months now and it has definitely become a staple for me. It gives my makeup the loveliest finish and also has slight fresh scent which I love. It is labelled as a dual use product, however I found it didn’t really do much for me when I used it as a primer – so I stick to using it as a finishing spray. My makeup looks ‘healthier’ and more natural after spraying – it almost reminded me of the Max fix+ spray. It’s one of those ones that help if you’ve had one of those ‘too much powder’ days.

Should I buy? Yes if you need a finishing spray that helps your makeup look better afterwards. It’s affordable at £6.99, and I’d say is pretty good dupe for the Mac fix+ too.

Should I avoid? If you’re after a spray that you need to lock on your makeup then yes I’d say avoid. I haven’t found this spray to help my my makeup last much longer than when I don’t use it.

Lip Products

Rimmel is probably my fave for lip products – both their normal and liquid lipsticks are amazing and so affordable too.

Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks

I am such a massive fan of these because of their lasting power, the variety in shades, and the fact that they are only £5.99. Absolute bargain for a product that stays put after eating AND having a nap (tried and tested by yours truly ladies). They feel really comfortable to wear and don’t dry out or feel ‘heavy’ on your lips. I have found they can give my lips that ‘wrinkly’ look, but I can usually avoid this happening by applying lip balm and a lip liner beforehand.

Should I buy? Yes yes and YES. Such a little gem of a product and it won’t break the bank if you want the whole collection. Winning.

Should I avoid? See above. Go and get yourself some.

Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipsticks

These had to be featured because of my beloved 107 (that lovely berry coloured lipstick that even Zoella has in her top picks). The shade 107 was the first one I picked up, and because I’d fallen in love with that I went back for more. Each colour is the same amazing, non drying formulation with fab staying power. I think there are specific ranges aimed at nude shades too, which come in cream packaging. These again have the amazing formulation of the originals and have a pretty nice range of nudes (witt woo). At £5.49 each they are a flipping steal too.

Should I buy? Yes if you need an affordable lipstick that may as well be a high end one because the quality of it definitely is.

Should I avoid? Nah you’re missing out if you don’t already have 107 in your life.

The Only One Matte

I remember I was lucky enough to get some of these from work and I was so excited to try them, mostly beside I’d seen Jade from JadeAnnLoves always raving about them. I love the stunning packaging of these, and the shade range you get in these is pretty fab too. The formulation is really creamy and they are just one of those ‘easy to wear’ lipsticks that you can just keep in your bag and reapply whenever you need. The lasting power of these is not as good as the Kate Moss range, but I still just love how easy they are to apply. I think you can definitely tell that I am more into my mattes than glosses, I just am not a fan of gloss at all and definitely prefer the look of matte lipsticks on me. This range is lovely because it’s very matte but not to the point where it feels chalky or dry on your lips.

Should I buy? Yes if you’re after an easy to wear, everyday lipstick that is matte and non drying.

Should I avoid? To be fair, I don’t think anyone should avoid Rimmel lip products (or at least the ones I’ve mentioned above), the quality, lasting power and shade range is amazing and definitely worth checking out.

There we have it – the products from Rimmel that I have tried & tested and think you should definitely check out. If there is anything not on here that you think I’d love – let me know! Also – make sure to leave any more recommendations of brands that you want me to trial too, and if you enjoyed this type of post!

Have an amazing Sunday !

Lots of love,

Saira xx



  1. March 26, 2018 / 11:22 am

    I adore Rimmel, and the Stay Matte powder is still a staple in my makeup routine! You’ve definitely added some products to my to try list x

  2. March 27, 2018 / 7:00 pm

    The Stay Matte powder I have used for years its a definite yes in my makeup bag. And I’ve tried a few of the Kate lipsticks they’re gorgeous!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  3. April 16, 2018 / 9:01 pm

    Loved this post! There’s review, why buy it, why avoid it, great concept 😀
    I’ve only tried this last lipstick, the only one matte, and I can’t stand it haha I picked the wrong shade because lightning in the store was weird and that’s my/their fault, but the smell is just awful. I don’t feel it when it’s on, but while I’m applying it… no no. I think I’m the only one having this problem, as I asked some more people, but it’s a no for me. Also, I’ve heard they have great foundations, but I’m scared to cheat on Maybelline Fit me haha I also hate trying out new foundations as I struggle with finding my shade 😀

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram

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